Computer shoulders
Centre for Contemporary Photography
Melbourne, Australia

With thanks to Webb Welding, Hayden Stuart, Daniel von Sturmer, Madé Spencer-Castle and Adam Harding.
“For Computer shoulders, Lindo presents three new video installations, exploring the way integrated automation within digital platforms has reorganised, layered and cultivated individual behaviours to predict and influence our future decisions. The exhibited video works are produced collaboratively with an algorithm developed by Lindo, wherein user-generated content is targeted using keywords, geographical locations and visual characteristics, that direct the outcomes of the work. Through Computer shoulders, Lindo examines how contemporary production captures and quantifies individuals to evoke specific cognitive responses, and the way bodies (both human and nonhuman) are being increasingly hybridised between digital and physical spaces.”

-Madé Spencer-Castle
Click here for accompanying essay Full and empty gestures by Daniel von Sturmer

Click here for the exhibition review by Stephen Palmer

Image Details

Computer Shoulders, 2019, multi-channel HD video installation, 16:9, colour, sound
Dimensions variable
16 min

Computer Shoulders, 2019, framed archival inkjet print, 74 x 100cm

Images courtesy of Christo Crocker

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