Concrete Air
Federation Square Big Screen
Melbourne, Australia

Curated by Tamsin Green 
Search engine filters mimic the politics of the school-yard. The voices of the well-liked resound through passages and fill empty pages; identifying trends, dictating meaning, silencing difference. Concrete Air navigates the unwatched footage of the individual YouTube user by using both date and time as a method of filtration amid the chaos of uncirculated sermons, Vlogs, UFO sightings, sitcoms, confessionals, infomercials, conspiracy theories, unboxings, virtual world commentaries, spam filters & ad blockers. Concrete Air results in a labyrinth of pixels, devoid of narrative and subject, offering the search engine outcasts a seat at the proverbial table.

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Image Details

Concrete Air
Single channel video, 16:9, colour, sound
12 min

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