Black Temple Gallery
Hobart, Tasmania

Curated by Jon Butt and Katie Paine

Artists: Trent Crawford and Amalia Lindo
This work was exhibited together with Trent Crawford and featured a room soundtrack by Mitchell Mack. 

“When Jewish-French philosopher Henri Bergson investigated society’s conception of time and history, he investigated new ways in which our experience of the past, present and future might be communicated. In the BBC radio segment In Our Time, Professor Emily Thomas refers to his theories on time passing, speaking of Bergson’s conception of perpetual perishing presents. This exhibition explores the porous temporality of the digital sphere, the physical and psychological affects of engaging with information mediated through a virtual realm, and the mercurial, almost entropic nature of data circulation. Waiting for a signal: treading through reams of erratic code, scanning for a steady point on the horizon. c3 Signal’s second iteration plays with the notion of PPP, imagining a slippery presence in order to look at new ways of connectedness, the mutations of images and collisions between place and time.”

-Katie Paine

Image Details

Computer Shoulders
Three-channel HD video installation, 16:9, colour, sound, coated stainless steel tube
Dimensions variable
20 min

© Amalia Lindo 2024