Represented Artists
Melbourne, Australia

Artists: Guy Grabowsky, Amalia Lindo, Jacqueline Stojanović, Sebastian Temple and Tim Wagg
“Since Haydens was established in 2018, our focus has been to support a new generation of artists by facilitating private and institutional acquisitions, providing opportunities to invest in the experimental, critical, and socially engaged art practices which shape the landscape of contemporary art in Australia. Marking a significant commitment to the development of contemporary art, we are proud to announce representation of five early career artists - Guy Grabowsky, Amalia Lindo, Sebastian Temple, Jacqueline Stojanović, and Tim Wagg. Each of these artists have been involved in our exhibition program since the beginning, and we will continue to provide ongoing support for these artists through collaborative exhibition making and an expanded creative direction. Haydens is motivated by their varied approaches to art making and we look forward to assisting the development of their dynamic practices into the future.” 

-Hayden Stuart

Image Details

Two Marionettes Collide
Single-channel HD video installation, colour, sound, liquid-crystal display panels (LCD’s), LCD controller boards, stainless steel, acrylic perspex
Edition 1 of 3, + 2 AP
Dimensions variable
6 min
Images courtesy of Christo Crocker


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