The Image Looks Back
RMIT Gallery
Melbourne, Australia

This work was exhibited as a part of the PHOTO2021 International Festival of Photography. I would like to thank Dr Timothy Lynam, Dean Schrieke and Hayden Stuart for their support of the project.
Curated by Alison Bennett, Shane Hulbert, Rebecca Najdowski and Daniel Palmer

Artists: Jacqueline Felstead, Joan Fontcuberta, Forensic Architecture, Generative Photography (Adam Brown, Tabea Iseli, Alan Warburton), Mike Gray, Joe Hamilton, Thomas Hirschhorn, Rhonda Holberton, Fei Jun, Amalia Lindo, Rosa Menkman, Tyler Payne,, Joachim Schmid and Winnie Soon.

“In an era of post truth, fake news, and manipulated images, The Image Looks Back explores the reconfiguration of photography, asking how notions of visual truth and human experience are shaped by new technologies of vision. If the photograph has conventionally been understood as a record or memory of the world, what happens when the image looks back?”

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Image Details

Two Marionettes Collide
Two-channel HD video installation, colour, sound, stainless steel tube, stainless steel coupler swivels, stainless steel tube clamps, galvanised base plates
Dimensions variable
6 min
Images courtesy of Mark Ashkanasy © RMIT Gallery

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